A&E Beheads Their Golden Goose

A report came out today that A&E essentially fired Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty for taking a stand against homosexuality.


Rumors spread quickly around the internet, so we should wait to hear more.

If A&E did fire him in this way, it’s going to backfire.

Big time.

Regardless of your personal views on the topic, this move demonstrates a lack of wisdom on the part of A&E.

First, they hire a group of outspoken, conservative Christians and then are surprised that one of them comes out against a homosexual lifestyle? Did they really not see this coming?

Second, feel free to do an internet search, but less than 5% of the US is homosexual. Why do businesses cave to such a small, but loud minority? If A&E truly believes this is the right thing to do, fine; but I certainly hope they didn’t do it because Robertson’s view happens to be unpopular at the moment.

Third, Duck Dynasty is A&E’s goose that lays the golden eggs. It’s ratings broke several records, drawing in almost 12 million viewers last season. Do the suits at A&E think that this won’t affect their bottom line? I don’t have numbers, but it seems likely that a great ┬ánumber of their viewers share Phil Robertson’s beliefs.

I see a massive drop in what will be an unofficial boycott.

This will not end well for them.

Post Script: On a personal note, I believe that people have a right to do whatever they want, so long as that right does not interfere with the rights of another. That’s easy to say on paper, but very hard to make into law.

That said, I believe Phil Robertson has the right to his own ethical standards, and he also has the right to say them publicly. Moreover, I also believe A&E has the right to fire him for his outspoken stance. Finally, I also believe people have the right to complain and boycott them for firing him.

I love America.

If you happen to think Christians should not judge, read this:



  1. Diana Aguirre says:

    I love Duck Dynasty just don’t agree with putting others down and God says over n over to not judge others so, Either way I don’t think we should judge the Lgbt community or Phil.

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