Sermons 2015

The Gospel of Mark, continued:
17 Mark 11:12-16, Fig Tree & the Temple Rejection (youtube)
18 Mark 11:27-12:12, Parable of the Vineyard Owner (youtube)
19 Mark 14:1-11, Anointing at Bethany (youtube)
20 Mark 14:12-26, The Lord’s Supper (youtube)
21 Mark 14:53-15:33, The Trial and Crucifixion (youtube)

The God-Centered Personality:
01 Intro & The Phlegmatic Personality (youtube)
02 Intro II & The Choleric Personality (youtube)
03 The Melancholic Personality (youtube)
04 The Sanguine Personality (youtube)

Mother’s Day – The Strong Women of Judges (youtube)

Biblical Modern Family:
01 Family – The Building Blocks of Culture (youtube)
02 Marriage – The Purpose of Marriage–Holiness (youtube)
03 Family – Passing on the Faith (youtube)
04 Family – Family house Churches (youtube)

Summer Stew (A random selection of teaching):
Unfortunately, the first five messages were not recorded due to technical difficulties.
06 Summer Stew – Biblical Mentoring II (youtube)


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