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Hollywood has a contradictory relationship with Biblical cinema. The movie moguls have long recognized that Biblical films can bring home the proverbial bacon, but they seem to drag their feet when it comes to producing something remotely related to the actual story. Did they not learn from Aronofsky’s epic failure, Noah?

Exodus: Gods & Kings will likely follow the same failed strategy: use a piece of religious literature as a way to draw people in, but then offend the very people they were hoping to reach by distorting the literature.

The audiences were fooled with Noah. I wonder if they will be fooled a second time?

Sadly, if the film bombs–and I think it will–the studios will likely conclude that the popularity of Biblical films is waning.  If it does bomb it will be because Christendom is tired of having their stories twisted.

Sadly, the actor who portrays Moses, Christian Bale, was recently criticized for calling Moses a ‘schizophrenic’ and a ‘terrorist.’ He even went so far as to call both Moses and his God ‘mercurial.’  The writer, Brian Godawa, has publically distanced himself from Bale’s comments.

All that to say, I wouldn’t expect much more than another Hollywood attempt to portray something it doesn’t understand.

So….are you going to pay money to see Exodus: Gods and Kings?

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