Learn the academic side of The Hobbit

The new Hobbit film came out yesterday. I’m going to see it tomorrow with a group of friends.


If you are really interested in the Hobbit, I suggest you follow The Tolkien Professor, Corey Olsen. Not only is his passion for Tolkien painfully obvious, he is an evangelist for the cause. As a professor, he offers audio, video, and published resources for those interested in the all things Middle Earth.

If you love the Hobbit, his lectures are a good place to start. You can download them here:


I highly recommend them. I have listened to them twice and have enjoyed every minute of it. They are also free.

If you want to take things further, Professor Olsen actually started a college called Mythguard Institute. They are in the process of accreditation and offer master degrees for those who want to study English literature (like Tolkien) at an academic level. Here is a link to the Mythguard Institute.


Last year, Professor Olsen published a book on his research of the Hobbit. It can be purchase here:

There is so much to learn that will enrich your enjoyment of Tolkien’s work. I follow Professor Olsen and look forward to learning from his research.


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