Featured Video #3 (Baby Got Bible)

Dan ‘Southpaw’ Smith’s video, Baby Got Book, has had over 3.2 million hits since 2007. Most will recognize this parody immediately from Sir Mix-a-lot’s Baby Got Back.


Is it offensive? Yes. Is it hilarious. Definitely.

Watch it and find out.

Here’s Dan’s bio from his website, www.whiteboydj.com

Dan Smith was born and raised in Holy Toledo, OH, then he went to Kentucky Christian University on a full-ride scholarship for men’s tetherball. In 2006, Smitty is started a new, super-cool church in Cleveland, OH called Momentum Christian Church. Dan is a storyteller-preacher who has a Masters of Arts in Storytelling from ETSU. (Yes, it’s a real degree.) When he’s not telling his wife, Shannon, how “incredibly hot” she is, he is scratching records under the DJ alias “Southpaw,” praying for George Lucas to film a third Star Wars trilogy, and lip-syncing to Milli Vanilli songs.

The good news is that there will be a third Star Wars trilogy. The better news is that Lucas is not doing it.

You can buy the mp3 version of Dan’s song here:


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