Featured Video #11 (Miracles for Sale)

Some might question the legitimacy of posting a video such as this one, but this story needs to be told.


Miracles For Sale is English illusionist Derren Brown’s attempts to create a fake faith healer. A random guy is chosen; they turn him into a fake pastor with fake credentials, create a fake ministry, and train him to do fake faith healing. In the end they create a fake faith healing service. The whole process took over a year.

This is not a Christian film. It contains curse words.
If that offends you, don’t watch it.

It does show how easy it is to swindle people from their money using the name of God.

It’s a amazing how much of the New Testament is spent combating false teaching.

How much time does your ministry spend in theological education?

What did you think of the film?



  1. Gabe Caligiuri says:

    Incredible. Amazed me that unbelievers struggled so much in their own conscience to do something that “faith healers” do for a living without batting an eye. Just goes to show that false teaching is much more dangerous than general unbelief.

  2. Yeah, I was glad to see that the man guy had something of a strained conscience to proceed–especially since there were some legitimate Christians involved whose careers might have suffered.

  3. I think that the most effective thing that this video did was show the techniques used by con men. I believe that exposing the men speaking lies in their services to people in their services was the most effective thing this video did. The one faith healer was exposed when he said that he did not know the name of the person he was talking to. He in fact read the “fake name” of one of the members of the film crew off a prayer card. When the faith healer pretended to get this fact from God, the faith healer called the film crew man by the fake name on the card, not the man’s real name. I believe that Derren Brown would have been much more effective if he had focused on exposing these types of faith healers or con men in this way. I think this video would have been more effective if his crew had become members of churches and gone with cameras to faith healings and enlisted people to use fake names and illnesses to expose the faith healers. This did expose the seared consciences these evil con men in churches have. In order to do this to people, you have to be thoroughly conquered by greed and lust.

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