Featured Video #14 (Noah Trailer)

The first trailer for Aronofsky’s Noah film came out this week. Though the film boasts heavy hitters such as Russell Crow, Anthony Hopkins,  Emma Watson, and Jennifer Connelly, early reviews are negative.


Of course, most Bible stories do not give us the day to day minutia what kind of clothes they were wearing, what they ate, or what was said in between scenes, so we expect a certain creative license.

Nonetheless, an early screening last month produced only a deluge of criticism.

Here’s an interesting take on the script:


Godawa calls the Noah character in this film an environmentalist wacko.

Here’s the trailer:


So, given that the creative licence was so great, and the film is likely driven by a worldview incompatible with the text, will you still see it?



  1. I will go see it. I am intrigued by the possibilities!

  2. I doubt I will pay full price, but I am certain I will rent it. 🙂


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