The Great Family Commission: Part I

Evangelicals have a healthy preoccupation with the Great Commission—as they should. I examined it here: Another Look at the Great Commission.

Where we fall short, however, is Old Testament equivalent of the Great Commission, which I call The Great Family Commission.

First, sharing the good news of the LORD with all nations is not just a New Testament concept. It was always the LORD’s plan to share His goodness with the world.

Let me show you from Genesis:

Jozsef Molnar, Abraham’s Departure, 1849.


Abram’s father, Terah, was a resident of Ur of the Chaldees (modern day Iraq). Terah intended to move his family from Ur to the land of Canaan, but, for some reason, they stopped at Haran and remained there (Gen. 11:31).

Terah died at 205 years old, at which time the Lord appeared to his son, Abram. In Genesis 12 the LORD began the slow unveiling of His plan: He intended to create a new nation. That nation, He promised Abram, will come through his offspring.

Then the LORD said this:

“…all the peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” Genesis 12:3 CSB

From the beginning the LORD intended to bless the whole earth, not just Israel; but the nation of Israel (Abram’s children) would be the vehicle through which the blessing would come.

So here’s the first principle:

#1 The LORD wants to bless the whole world

How exactly would the LORD bless the whole world through Abram’s offspring?–As we will see, His plan was and is to use healthy, God-honoring families.

You can find out more in The Old Testament Great Commission: Part II


Comic-con Star Wars Teaser!

Comic-Con Star Wars Teaser Reel is here!

Each week we get closer and closer. Enjoy!


Featured Video #25 (Inventing Children’s Church)

There is a little known tug o’ war occurring within the faith community as to whether or not Children’s Church is the best way to educate our children. Some argue that a family integrated church works better because children actually see their parents worshiping and learning.

This video pokes fun at one side of the argument.

Although I do not agree with their stance, I think this video is a good discussion starter.


Ridiculous Meme #1

In the age of social media, many people get their education about politics and religion from various ridiculous memes floating about the internet. This is demonstrative of our culture’s short attention span and lack of critical thinking. A meme pops up, it seems wise, and it gets reposted.

Here is ridiculous meme #1:

There are so many things wrong with this meme, so let me start with the most obvious: a building of this type would not cost 130 million.

Here is a photo of a new school in our town.

It’s state of the art, very large, and very well built. What was the cost to build it?

20 million dollars.

There’s no way the church pictured was built for 130 million. This is a deceitful, straw-man argument.

Second, when scoffers attack Christianity, they always include some sort of vague statement about what Jesus would do or think.

According to the meme, Jesus would rather have us help people instead of building a structure.

Where, exactly, did Jesus say, “Don’t build a building. Give all your money to help people!”

I haven’t been able to find that verse.

Third, our church recently bought a building. We paid 130,000 for it. It’s a pile of junk, but it’s our pile of junk; and we’re already renovating it.

Guess what we do at this building?

Help people!

Narcotics anonymous meets 5 days a week (rent free)
A seminary uses our building 1 night a week (rent free)
A Hmong church meets at our bulding
An Hispanic church meets at our building
We have a Vacation Bible School every summer (for free)
We put on Fall Festival for the neighborhood kids (for free)
We have a yearly Thanksgiving Dinner for the community (for free)
We have a Christmas Eve music service every year (also free)

This is, of course, aside from all of the regular weekly activities and Bible teaching, which includes encouraging people to…

Get out of debt
Stay faithful to their spouses
Invest in their children
Work hard and succeed
Help people
All the other positive teaching of the scripture

In ten years our building will be paid off and we will be in an even stronger position to bless our community.

Churches can certainly thrive without a building, but owning a building provides a church with a stable administrative and community center with which to fulfill its purpose.

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