Preaching Illustrations

This page is so I can share my own preaching/teaching illustrations. You will not find these stories, as written, anywhere else, unless someone has posted my work on another site.

Feel free to use them with your teaching or preaching, but please don’t take credit for them or post them on other sermon illustration sites.

The top post within each topic is the newest.

I write about one a week, so look for updates.

Abortion/Value of life – Scissors save baby
Abortion/Value of life – Hospital refuses to save gasping baby
Addiction – World of Warcraft

Brotherhood – Lost at Sea

Change – Church refuses to change a light bulb

Deny Self – Captain Ronald Speirs

Forgiveness – Rick Warren

Gender – California bathroom Bill
Grace – Cease and desist letter

Leadership – Parking Lot Brawl

Persecution – Norm MacDonald
Power – Power grid failure

Rewards – Distinguished Service Cross

Sexual Immorality – Senior STDs on the rise

Theft – Predictable Irrationality



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