Addiction – World of Warcraft

Can you believe a man stole his family’s fortune to play ‘World of Warcraft’ an online video game? On July 13th 2012 a Chinese man, surnamed Yan, reported to police that he had been robbed of what was almost a million dollars of worth of gold. After a thorough investigation, the police discovered that Yan himself was the thief. Yan’s uncle had placed the gold in his care, but had had recently asked for some of it back. Since Yan had squandered it, he reported it stolen.

World of Warcraft







The big question is how does one spend over a million dollars on an online video game?

Over a one year period Yan exchanged the gold for cash, and then used the money to acquire ‘Legendary’ in-game items. Yan is now in jail. This man squandered his family’s fortune, his freedom, and his reputation for ‘Legendary’ in-game items in a virtual on-line world. In other words, this was all for pixels.

“The wicked borrows and does not repay” Psalm 37:21 CSB



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